Использование % в excel

What is Excel and How to use it?

Функции Excel с примерами и описанием для практического…

Примеры использования функций. Функция ПРЕДСКАЗ пример в Excel.

Работа с формулами в Excel. Инструкция. Обучение Excel

Помимо ручного ввода формулы в Экселе задаются при помощи встроенных функций.

Краткое руководство: использование функций в формулах — Excel

Применяется к: Excel 2010 Дополнительно… Меньше.

How To Use Excel Part 1

Использование операторов в формулах Excel

Формула в Excel вычисляется слева направо в соответствии с порядком, определенным для каждого оператора в формуле.

Использование функций в Excel

Методические указания к выполнению лабораторной работы № 3. Использование функций в Excel. Оглавление.

Формулы EXCEL с примерами — Инструкция по применению

Программа Excel очень удобна и проста в использовании. Все функции разделены по категориям.

Excel для SEO. Приемы, хитрости Excel. Повседневное использование Excel в SEO. Андрей Ставский

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Сбор информации с нескольких листов. Использование названий…

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Использование Excel

Использование Excel. Министерство общего и профессионального образования Российской Федерации.

Использование ссылки и константы в формуле Excel

Основы использования формул в Excel. Правила ввода формул, разрешенные математические операции, порядок вычисления.

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  1. AIDoff:

    Now this is a channel worth subscribing to. Thank you so much. You have no idea how much you’ve helped.

  2. Katib Mamedov:

    Yes they are array formulas because they make array operations (operate on more than one item), but there are 5 special functions in Excel that can handle array operations without Ctrl + Shift + Enter: SUMPRODUCT, LOOKUP, INDEX, AGGREGATE and CHISQ.TEST. Thanks for your support and please help support the excelisfun channel with a Thumbs Up and comment on each video that you watch : )


    Matthew McEvoy — Thank you very much for the Excel video. I would like to get your permission to use this and show it to my students. Please give me a Yes or No. Hope it’s yes = Thanks again. Jack

  4. Сейран Мурадян:

    Can anyone help me? I am trying to make an excel sheet that will generate a number when data is entered. Example, column headings will be , number of total surveys, number of total bad surveys, % of total good surveys, *how many surveys needed to get to 90%. I can’t figure out how to create the formula that will give me the last heading *

  5. Serge Starr:

    That was really great although I’m not applying for a job or somethin, yet you taught a lot of new functionalities in Excel.

  6. Замир:

    Hi Doug. I put in all the same information you did but I did not get the same result. Every time I click Solve, it gives me all zeros in the units category.

  7. Heroskop:

    +Evaldas Sadlave That was never a constraint in the problem at hand here. You are right, if that was a constraint, we would have added that in Solver as well, and the same would have been computed.. Cheers:)

  8. Татьяна Мартынова:

    Nice simple example…. great.!  (Remember to mention the solver options too! — about to tick the linear & non-negative numbers..!)  

  9. Оксана Хуранова:

    I am trying to get my head around cntrl shift enter, how come you don’t have to do this with sumproduct? Is that not an array formular, especially for example sumproduct ((A1:A4=E4)*1), why don’t you have to press cntrl shift enter for this?

  10. Prosto Kosmos:

    Пока сложно разобраться в работе надстройки. Идёт презентация, а с примерами плохо понятно, указку не видно.

  11. blue man:

    Hi I want to count a letter N in a row only if it occurs more than 3 times continuously in a given range of columns. for example if i have N N N X N N X X N X the result should be 3 i.e. N=3 because N occured more than 2 times in continuous combination. Please help, I have tried many options like countifs etc but did not find the right result and I am stuck. I have attached the picture of scenario as well. Much appreciate. ThanksSalman

  12. ExTeAm KaNaL:

    I like your videos because you explain the logic behind what Excel is doing what it does. Other videos just tell you what is going to work and ask you to use it when you find yourself in a situation. The difference is that in the last case they give us a fish but in your case you teach us how to fish. Thanks again, sir.

  13. Anny Rull:

    Not hard to do. And there are a few ways to do it. But… It depends on if that is the exact pattern. Are there any other patterns that define the «swap»? Or is the pattern always: 1) Take last two characters and put them first 2) Then a dash 3) Then the 7th, 8th and 9th characters 4) Then a slash 5) Then the 3rd, 4th and 5th characters 6) Then a dash 7) Then first character

  14. Оксана Романенко:

    App bhut accha kr rhe hai….pr jo nam apne channel ka rakkha hai na vo TECHNICAL GURUJI se copy kiya hua hai…jo ki glt lg rha hai..jb sb jagah apne khud mehnat ki…to nam dusre ka kyu le rhe hai…


    With example 5 can you use * instead of the double negative(having one double negative to start with of course) so make it all one array instead of 3?

  16. Chian Dretlau:

    this isn’t about sumproduct… need help… product’s price change from time to time, say in case the price today 3/11/17 is 10.00 (i’m going to input the date in the date column), this will of course be extracted since i encoded the date, but what if the price changed on 3/31/17 to 12.00 and my next input after 3/11 is 3/31 already, how can i let the product sold extract the price of 10.00 from 3/12 to 3/30 since i did not encode it in the column… please help… kindly direct me to an excel magic trick… been looking for it for a week already… thank you.. always grateful here

  17. Thiago thiago lago:

    Hi Doug. One comment. In this particular case limitations are incorrect. You can’t sell 300 of Product B while maximizing profit if you have just 100 units of them. Good luck!

  18. Олег Стахнюк:

    Молодца. Отличный докладчик, супер тема. Буду разбираться с надстройкой. Спасибо за видио, доклад и большое спасибо за надстройку.

  19. Доктор Орлов:

    Very easy example (maybe too much) but clear & fast explanation to understand the basics behind the solver and how to find it, thanks Doug

  20. Sasha1007 Sasha:

    тоже не поняла как пользоваться этими инструментами( инструменты конечно классные…но как пользоваться??

  21. Алинка Бонька:

    How do you create the pictures that you already have set up when starting out the pivot table sections? How do you make the pivot table data into a picture format for us to see? thank you

  22. наталия алексийчук:

    Not hard to do. And there are a few ways to do it. But… It depends on if that is the exact pattern. Are there any other patterns that define the «swap»? Or is the pattern always: 1) Take last two characters and put them first 2) Then a dash 3) Then the 7th, 8th and 9th characters 4) Then a slash 5) Then the 3rd, 4th and 5th characters 6) Then a dash 7) Then first character

  23. Zeynali Shavkatov:

    If for N N N X N N X X N X, each character takes up a separate column cell, on the last column cell use =IF(COUNTIF(A1:J1,»N»)u003e2,COUNTIF(A1:J1,»N»),»»). if for N N N X N N X X N X is in one cell, use =IF(LEN(A1)-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(A1,»N

  24. Hose Amoral:

    I love that presentation which is awesome. Not good at excel but appreciate this tutorial and I hope to watch more of it.

  25. Ремонт и Строительство:

    Hmmmm…..too bad YOU weren’t teaching this when I paid ALLLLL that money in college to learn this in my Computer class many many years ago!!! I would have ACED your class rather than getting that bummy C!!! lololol Well explained!!! Thank you!!!

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